BETTERBODY FOODS: PB Fit Chocolate Peanut Butter Powder, 15 oz

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Chocolate PBfit is a delicious, low fat chocolate powdered peanut butter made from gently roasted peanuts. We extract about 85% of the oil from the peanuts and grind them to a powder. We add a scoop of premium cocoa, a pinch of sugar and a dash of salt to make this chocolate version of our classic powdered peanut butter.
Combine Chocolate PBfit and water for a healthy spread that is more than 90% less fat and calories than other chocolate nut spreads. Chocolate PBfit makes a great dip for apples, bananas and pretzels. Throw a few scoops into your smoothie, yogurt or oatmeal to add a flavorful protein boost. You can also replace some of the flour in your baked goods to make chocolate peanut butter muffins, pancakes and brownies. Check out the recipe section of our blog for healthy and delicious Chocolate PBfit peanut butter recipes.